Learnings from this Semester in ECMP 455

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This is a short video about some of the things that I have learned this semester in my ECMP 455 course. Enjoy!

Fantasy Fiction

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Title: Ben’s Dream

Author: Chris Van Allsburg

Publisher: Boston : Houghton Mifflin

Date: 1982


– Very few words

– Allows reader to interpret many different famous landmarks from around the world.


Title: The Sweetest Fig

Author: Chris Van Allsburg

Publisher: Boston: Houghton Mifflin

Date: 1993


– Another mysterious book of Allsburg

– 2 magical fig’s allow for a man’s dreams to come true


Title: Mysteries of Harris Burdock

Author: Chris Van Allsburg

Publisher: Boston: Houghton Mifflin

Date: 1984


– Book based on mysterious pictures

– Pictures supported by a title and caption

– Allows readers to create their own stories


Title: Something From Nothing

Author: Phoebe Gillman

Publisher: New York: Scholastic

Date: 1992


– Shows reader that anything can be made into something.


Title: Stella

Author: Marie – Loise Gay

Publisher: Toronto ; Buffalo : Douglas & McIntyre

Date: 1999


– Beautiful water color pictures

– Stories of exploring your imagination

– Connection between brother and sister


Title: Tuesday

Author: David Wiesner

Publisher: New York : Clarion Books

Date: 1991


– a wordless picture book that vividly depicts strange events that happened at various times of the day on Tuesday.


Title: Free Fall

Author: David wiesner

Publisher: New York : Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books

Date: 1988


– A young boy dreams of daring adventures in the company of imaginary creatures inspired by the things surrounding his bed.

Google Docs!!! WOW!!!

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WOW!!! I was introduced to google docs in my ECMP 355 class and was 100% interested. However, I never got into it. It was one of those things where you get extremely excited about and then with your busy schedule it slips your mind. Now, though, I am just as excited if not more to explore this site and learn more about it.

It is more amazing than i had ever expected. The amount of possibilities within this one piece of technology is outstanding. I feel that Google docs would just make life so much easier. Just the fact of being able to locate my documents where ever I am and not have to email everything to myself, just excites me. The fact that you can do class collaboration, spread sheets, survey’s, presentations, and many more just open my mind into many different possibilities that can be experienced within my classroom.

Inspiring Teachers

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The other day in class I was introduce to this video, Starfish an Inspirational Message for all Teachers. Through my internship as well as my pre-internship I struggled with a few issues. There were times where I questioned my future. I questioned whether or not I wanted to become a teacher. I have always enjoyed working with children, but through my experience in the school some of the issues I encountered made me wonder of other ways to be a role model for children. The atmosphere, pressure, and not being able to use the information I learned throughout my school experience really put me down. Through conversation with other students and people who are already teachers, they made me realize that I am not the only one who was struggling with these issues and that it does get better once you are a teacher, and are in a more permanent position. This video really did inspire me and made me realize that everything that I went through, the time spent in the classroom with the students, was well worth it. What happened behind the scenes never came out during school, and being able to see the smiles on the children’s faces and watching them engage in their learning pushed me along and kept me going.

When ever your questioning anything just watch this video and all your problems will melt away.


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This past weekend the University of Regina Cheerleading Team hosted our annual Competition, which turned out great. It was a very long weekend and the first time we have ever run the competition in this way. We broke it down in two session becausse of the number of athletes that were registered. We broke records with the number of athletes and with the way the competition was run I have a feeling that we will be able to break the record once again next year. As the hosts of the competition we showed off our routine to the audience, which didn’t exactly turn out as we had hoped. it still ended up being a good routine, but I know we can do a lot better. We will be competing in Saskatoon Saturday March 24th for provincials and I know that we will do a lot better there. Come and cheer us on!!!!

I would like to thank my coaches and team for suporting Kristen and I on our endevours with Team Canada. At our competition all of the 50/50  proceeds went towards our costs be able able to compete with team Canada. Once again thank you for supporting me!!!!

Here is a video of The University of Regina Cheerleading Team. I am the one in the Large black knee brace on the left of the screen.

Just a few thoughts on “Did you Know?” presentation

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Quick notes from Mon. Jan. 9th

– What does it mean to be literate in the 21st century? – 40 years ago(being able to read), now – its is reading writing, all on paper but moving into more technology aspects, but being able to understand whats safe and other things like that.
– literacy means being able to consume and produce the media forms of the day   – Jason Ohler   (being able to understand and safely using technology)
– great things on Youtube but students are not a loud to use it.
– Twitter #factcheck, text google, text chacha
– library – google – text google – google app (android)

– WolframAlfa
– Its not what you know its who you know, and you can be much smarter and get more done if you are able to connect to these ppl
– So why are we still asking kids to look up facts and write reports?

Professional Development Reflection

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Originally I thought that I would be able to make it to the gym at least two to three times a week, this however didn’t work out for me. For about the first month I was able to make it to the gym twice a week and to aquasize class once a week but after that there were just too many assignments that I needed to do that took up all my extra time. After about the first month I was only making it to the gym and aquasize class once a week. Which I feel is still a fairly good accomplishment. As the weeks went on and as I started my pre-internship I got completely sidetracked and had no time to leave the house to workout. When I did have free time I wanted to just sit and relax on the couch.

Then I realized that maybe if I don’t have enough time to leave the house that maybe I could bring the gym to me. I ended up buying myself a sit up bench and every night before I went to bed I would try to do at least 40-50 crunches. Even though this wasn’t much I was still able to do something physical. Eventually I bought the P90X workout series DVD’s and started with those. I have only had them for about a week and I have only done 2 workouts, but I am still trying to get back int the groove. I am hoping that by the end of next week I will be able to have a routine worked out.

This process was great for me, I was able to find different types of activities that worked well for me. I found activities that allowed me to just relax and not worry about anything else. It also gave me time to think, most of the time throughout the day I am jut all over th place, my mind is going crazy. With this process though I have been able to find things like yoga, the olyptical, and aquasize that allow me to slow down and think about one thing at a time. With these activities I am able to think things through and relax.

Originally my end goal was to do a triathlon at the YMCA. However, I was unable to follow through with this. With how busy I was I didn’t have time to do the amount of workouts that I had wanted to, so when it came time to do the triathlon I wasn’t prepared. Instead I decided to use a my cheerleading tryouts as a base point.

I was a cheerleader for a year and then I blew out my knee and wasn’t able to do anymore physical activity. Now that my knee is better I wanted to use my cheer tryouts to see if what I was doing was helping me to get back to where I used to be. My cheerleading tryouts are on April 30th, this is where I hope to be at the same physical health that I was a year ago, hopefully even better.

As for the professional aspect, I feel that I am a lot more knowledgable now that I have taken the time to explore. This process allowed me to explore many different styles and types of workouts. It helped me realize what activities allow me to relax and which ones give me a hard, intense workout. I have also realized that working out is my safe place. It is a place where I am able to forget about everything if I want to and just enter into my own world.

I feel that this experience has helped me immensely on a professional standpoint. I now know that if I am ever stressed or need time for myself that I will need to fit some type of physical activity into my day. Whether it is going for a jog or doing a workout video at home, I need to fit it in to balance out my life.

As a teacher, with all of this new knowledge about how physical activity makes me feel, I now feel that I know enough to bring it into my classroom or an after school program.  I think that all students should be given the opportunity to experience as many different things as possible. If you don’t ever experience it how will you know how it makes you feel or if you enjoy it or not. A lot of people shy away from things like this because they are unknown to them and they might be scared, so by including these kinds of things into our students lives at an early age, when they get older they will have already experienced it and won’t have that initial worry about trying something new. 

I want to be their for my students and give them every experience that I possibly can to improve their physical health. With the way our society is shifting these days, I am almost worried for the health of our future, this is why I want to be able to help out at the younger ages.